Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Best Buy will start prominently featuring Blu-ray

In another blow to HD DVD, Best Buy will sart to reccomend Blu-ray media and hardware to its customers. HD DVD products will still be carried for those who want them. Netflix also made similiar decisions by deciding to exclusively stock Blu-ray movies, after some of the world's biggest studios decided in favor of the format.

This sounds to me like the death song of HD DVD. In a couple of years, HD DVD may be no more, and the hard choice of what format to buy will be history.

P2P may be banned in England while Yahoo lays off 1,000

The British Government is currently in the works of creating laws to attempt to ban file sharing. In a draft consultation, it is being suggested that ISPs be required to take action against people who illegal download and share copyrighted materials.

This measure would invade the privacy of millions of British Internet users by screening ever packet of data that travels throught British ISP servers. This could mean that the government could effectively see what a user is doing, any time of day. It seems to me that if these laws were passed, this could lead to other privacy-invading measures.

If the UK passes this, who might be next?

Also, Yahoo! has purcahsed Maven Networks for $160M while at the same time, it has announced plans to lay off 1,000 people.

Sounds pretty fishy to me. And Microsoft wants to buy this company?