Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wii's galore, New Guitar Hero

Best Buy stores in the US are going to start receiving regular shipments of Nintendo Wii's and DS's starting in early March. While there has been no official announcement from Nintendo, it has been confirmed through sources at Best Buy that there are shipments of the rare consoles scheduled for delivery in about three weeks. In the past 15 months, the method of distribution for Wii's and DS's has been drop shipments. Basically, Nintendo put the consoles on UPS trucks to be delivered to retailers. These shipments were never regular, and has frustrated retailers and customers alike. With regular shipments, it will be much easier to find Wii's, and they will be cheaper when they don't have to be purchased in bundles, or on eBay for highly inflated prices.

Also a new Guitar Hero is to be released in June, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. The game will feature, of course, Aerosmith as well as some of their favorite bands. The game will be available on all the major consoles: Xbox 360, PS2/3, and Wii. It is not clear if the game will also come in a bundle pack that includes the guitar controller, or if it will come out for PC/Mac.

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