Sunday, March 4, 2007

Zune: Windows ME or Xbox?

Many Zune owners, who are dissapointed with the current Zune, would still rather keep it, hoping for an update to fix some problems. These problems include skipping, a slow GUI, lack of WiFi functionality, and even parts of the casing that becoming loose. Those users who still plan to keep thier Zune, however, are still pleased with the good things about the Zune. Qualities such as a large, crisp screen, easy to use GUI, scratch-resistant case, and the fact that its not an iPod are good enough reason for many Zuners too keep thier Zune.

These people are the type that buy the lastest and greatest, even if it is expected to have problems. Often times, the first version or model of a product has problems. For example, the first Hondas were horrible cars. They were very unreliable, and fell apart. Nowadays, Honda is well known for reliablity and quality. Microsoft, on the other hand, has had a few products with problems as well. Windows ME for instance, is considered Microsoft's worst ever operating system. Meanwhile, Microsoft's own Xbox has had very few problems and is now considered, by many people, to be the superior game console.

Getting back to the Zune, Microsoft is developing an entire line of entertainment pruducts under the Zune brand. The portable media player (PMP) is not the only Zune device on the drawing boards. Our only hope is that Microsoft a) fixes the issues with Zune, and b) makes more superior products. Microsoft won't let the Zune PMP die if thier intent is to make a Zune brand. The only question left to ask is will Zune be the next Windows ME, or will it become the Next Xbox?

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