Sunday, March 4, 2007

Windows Vista IE7 Flash Fix?

Anyone with the retail version of Windows Vista IE7 who tries to view flash videos knows one thing for sure: it's impossible. For some odd reason, Flash 9 is not compatible with Vista IE7. It is, however, possible to view flash videos and pages with Mozilla Firefox 2.x. The reason for this is beyond anyone. You can do anything you want to try and fix Flash, but it won't work. Even reinstalling IE7 won't fix the problem. It's a perplexing problem even Microsoft Support can't help fix.

Shortly after I posted my "Welcome to In Tech We Trust" post, I found the only site (it's also only viewable with Google's cache) that pointed to a file already installed with Vista that supposedly fixes the Flash problem. So I pointed Windows Explorer to
C:\windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\Flashutil9b.exe . This runs a Flash update utility that then, in theory, magically fixes the Flash issue. In reality, all it really does is download a certain version of Flash thats compatible with Vista (but for some reason really hard to find) and installs it.

So, I ran this utility and, amazingly, it fixed the Flash problem. I didn't have to reinstall IE or anything. The webpage that gave me the filename has no explanation as to why this works and why Microsoft has done nothing about it. But for the YouTube addicts out there who are running Vista, this is an excellent way to get your video fix with IE7. Just make sure you restart IE after you install it.



Sandi Hardmeier, Microsoft IE MVP said...

Flash 9 most certainly *is* compatible with IE7 on Vista. It runs on my systems just fine without any extra steps being required.

x64 Vista systems, on the other hand, have problems if you run to run the x64 version of IE - that being said, the x86 version of IE is available on x64 Vista - all you need to do is run the x86 version if you want to use a page with Flash.

Most likely your install was corrupt, or improperly registered, and forcing a reinstall via flashutil9b.exe fixed the problem.

Al Iguana said...

Interesting.. I have the latest Flash player installed from Adobe's site (on Vista). I ran that program, it came up "a new version of the player is available", downloaded and installed it.

(I wasn't having a problem with Flash in IE or FF, the only issue I have is that if you're watching a Flash video and the screensaver comes on, then Vista completely locks up.

Anonymous said...

Some sites keep telling me I don't have the latest flash player installed when I know I do. One culprit is I'm running IE7 and Vista. What is the deal there? RottenTomatoes need to get their act together or is there a setting I need to tweak? Some sites that can't detect falsh player have an option to go ahead anyway and the player works with those sites. The problem seems to purely be detection related. Even Windows Live Meeting complained at me today that it couldn't detect if I had the console installed and I had to tell it if I did or not... GRRRRR.

Anonymous said...

Sandi, it is the prerelased version of Flash 9. See Adobe notice

Monkerchee said...

Thankyou! This solved my problem. Very pleased with the result.

Anonymous said...

Does not work on my y Machine. Running Vista as wel

Dusty said...

This article could also assist: Flash IE7 Fix