Monday, March 5, 2007

Red Light Cameras: A Privacy Issue?

Many cities across the country are installing cameras at intersections to catch red light runners in the act. However, many people are protesting this move on behalf of privacy rights (which, by the way are not a right protected in the Constitution). They believe that these cameras infringe upon their privacy while they are driving on public roads. Think about that for a second.

These cameras are being installed because there aren't enough officers to just sit around and watch for red light runners. They are too busy fighting real crime and arresting drug dealers. These cameras free up resources by taking a picture of a license plate and sending the photo to the police department, who then sends the vehicle's registered owner a ticket or bill. In some cities, these are civil fines, meaning that if they are not paid, the citizen does not go to jail. Instead, a creditor will just call the red light runner during dinner time demanding the money. This money can be used for civil improvements that benifet the whole community and pay for more police and firemen.

When you are driving in your car with windows on all four sides on a public road, you have no privacy. Anyone who decides to turn thier head can see exactly what you're up to: driving. Or talking on the cell phone while eating a Big Mac and yelling at the kids. Hopefully not the latter of the two. To expect privacy in a car in public is insane. Besides, there are cameras everywhere you go. In the conveinience store, at the bank, where you work, and at the grocery store. What's one more camera at the red light gonna matter if you stop on red anyway?

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